BAIC EU260 grabs 2016 CCPC Excellent Performance Award, earns industrial recognition once again

- 2017-01-12

On January 11, 2017, the China Car Performance Challenge (CCPC) Annual Award Ceremony was held in Beijing. BAIC BJEV EU260 cruised to win the 2016 CCPC Award for Electric Car-Excellence Performance Award.

It is more worth celebrating that EU260 not only got off to a flying start with this award, but also claimed to be China’s sale champion of A-level electric vehicles in 2016.


CCPC 2016 tested the quality and performance of electric vehicles in torrid and frigid environments. In torrid Karamay, EU260 cruised to claim the title. In Dafeng, EU260 was crowned. In the last leg-Yakeshi, EU260 garnered several awards: Most Popular Driver, Best Body Design, Circuit Timing Performance, Extreme Cold Challenge and Coolest Team.

As a top national car race based on actual test results, industrial experts' evaluation, consumers' attention and other factors, CCPC has become one of the most authoritative and fairest car races. As an electric vehicle, the remarkable performance of EU260 in the challenge shows that electric vehicles have overcome short-range riding and been more comparable to traditional fuel vehicles. This time, EU260 not only won the 2016 CCPC championship, but also earned more consumers' recognition of BJEV's products and brand.


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