BAIC D20 Made Its Official Debut in South Africa

- 2017-04-10

BAIC D20 Launch Ceremony was held in Johannesburg, the largest city of South Africa, at 5:30 pm on April 10 of local time. More than 100 participants, including leadership of BAIC International, leadership of IDC (BAIC partner), executives of Absa Bank, distributors and suppliers, as well as media from China and South Africa, were present at the ceremony. The brand concept and international brand image of BAIC were fully reflected in the exquisite on-site layout and warm atmosphere. The participating media and dealers showed a keen interest in D20, with high praise given to the product design and quality.


The ceremony kicked off with a brand video of BAIC. Whereafter, Mr. Li Xiaofan, Vice-President of BAIC International, introduced the corporation and brand, and Mr. Joy Balepile, executive of IDC, expressed congratulations to the debut of BAIC D20 in South Africa. In the glowing anticipation of participants, Mr. Li Xiaofan, Vice-President of BAIC International, Mr. Xue Lijun, CEO of BAIC SA Investment Pty Ltd., and Mr. Arnold DU Plessis, CEO of BB Group Polokwane, jointly unveiled the new car and took a group photo. Yang Guang, Deputy General Manager of BAIC SA Investment Pty Ltd., introduced in detail the product features and future market planning of D20 to the guests and media. And Ms. Neli Baloyi, executive of Absa Bank , also congratulated the launch of the new product and expressed confidence for the cooperation between ABSA and BAIC in the financial sector.

As the brand-new upgrade of the BAIC’s first compact car A1, D20, created by SAAB quality management system with a lot of efforts, has such highlights as international quality, intelligent technology and fashionable styling. In the “Report of 2014 China Initial Quality Study SM(IQS)” issued by J.D.Power Asia-Pacific, D20 ranked first in the compact car segment, exceeding many car models of the same class, and fully reflecting the excellent quality basis of this car. The guests on site observed it closely, and high praised the fashionable delicate appearance, rich intelligent configurations and international quality. It is the first model that BAIC launched in South Africa, getting a lot of praises, which gives BAIC a further confidence to take root in the market of South Africa and provide more diversified and convenient travel options for customers.


This launch activity is another major action of BAIC in South Africa after the milestone event that BAIC invested ZAR 11 billion in South Africa to set the plant.

On December 12, 2015, BAIC and IDC of South Africa, under the witness of heads of both counties, signed the memorandum of understanding concerning joint plant establishment in South Africa. After that, the formal foundation of BAIC Plant in South Africa commenced in Coega of Port Elizabeth in 2016. South Africa, as a major market of BAIC’s overseas strategy in Africa, has been a critical position to advance the overseas business development of BAIC. Based on the South Africa production and manufacturing base, BAIC will improve the car R&D, manufacturing and quality management capacities, enhance the sales volume of new cars and used cars by using the automobile financing as tongs, and develop the South Africa Base into a production center. Based on South Africa, BAIC will produce RHD and LHD cars and cover the major markets of South Africa and other African countries. Meanwhile, the South Africa Base will become a regional operation management center for outputting product, technology, management, talents and financing, by using the favorable bilateral and multilateral international trade agreement of South Africa and radiating the markets of Europe and Oceania.

BAIC has gradually established its local marketing network in South Africa with the construction of the plant, introduced its popular model D20 according to market demand, and now plans to introduce the A0 level SUV-X25 which inherits SAAB classic design elements in May this year. BAIC will build its brand slogan of “Better and Ingenious Choice” in aspect of the brand, quality, service, finance, etc., and build an image of high-quality Chinese home vehicle all-round by keeping improving R&D, manufacturing, service and other aspects. At the same time, BAIC will practice the service concept of “Best Service in the Town” to compete with South African mainstream brands from the warranty mileage and time, maintenance and repair policies, etc. In addition, BAIC also set up BAIC SA Investment Pty Ltd., to build a financial alliance with South Africa’s major banks so as to support the financing needs of dealers and end customers.

In 2017, BAIC will make great efforts to realize “BAIC Globalization” by accelerating international paces and stably promoting BAIC international strategy. In the future, BAIC will root in South Africa, enhance financing and after-sales services, provide full-range solutions for the local customers, and strive to build an international BAIC brand loved and respected by South Africa customers.


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