BAIC to shine at Auto China

- 2016-04-22

BAIC Group will appear with a complete lineup at the upcoming Auto China 2016 under the theme of "Innovation·Presenting the Future", enticing audiences with a brilliant feast of technology and high-end manufacturing.

BAIC's booth is located in Hall E4, in the New China International Exhibition Center. Hall E4 is traditionally used to display luxury cars, and BAIC will share the hall with its strategic partners Daimler, Hyundai and Suzuki, as well as top global luxury brands such as Maserati, Porsche and Tesla.

Inspired by BAIC's Logo, the booth strongly resembles a pair of wings opening up, symbolizing that BAIC simultaneously develops traditional manufacturing and new energy technology, and spans the two high-end manufacturing sectors of automobiles and general aviation.

BAIC is expected to present 26 of its own-brand vehicles, including traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles, super cars, experience cars, concept cars, refitted cars, etc. Some of BAIC’s key technologies and spare parts will also be on display.

BAIC BJEV takes a leading role in China's new energy vehicle industry, and new energy vehicles will be a highlight of BAIC during Auto China 2016. The numbers in the models EH400, EU260 and EX200 represent their respective driving ranges.

BAIC's high-performance new energy super car will also make an appearance. Up to the standard of top racecars, this trendy and dynamic car can do 0-100km/h in just three seconds.

On top of this, BAIC will also exhibit its driverless cars inside and outsides the venue. Inside, BAIC's newly-developed new-energy self-driving cars will be on static display, while outside, in a 7,000-square-meter model of a future city, BAIC will be the first enterprise to dynamically show off its ecological concept in a future driverless environment.

BAIC's SUV series will appear as a star product. The new SUV model X35 is about to make its debut, and so, BAIC's X series will include the X25, X35, X55 and X65 models, covering segments from A0 to A. BAIC's "solid off-road vehicles"—the BJ20 refitted car, BJ40 and BJ40 (four-door) refitted cars, as well as the BJ80 heavily-refitted car—will interpret BJ brand connotation, adding splendor to BAIC's booth.

Capable of driving off-road; capable of soaring through the skies. At Auto China 2016, BAIC's subsidiary, BGAC, will bring a lineup comprising five helicopter models and two P750 fixed-wing aircraft models.

As BAIC's two primary businesses, automobiles and general aviation will develop side by side. This marks BAIC’s transformation and upgrading to a high-end manufacturer.

We expect that the BAIC booth will present more highlights to you and offer you a passionate experience. We look forward to meeting you at Auto China 2016! See you at BAIC!


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