Global Partners Global BAIC: BAIC 1st Overseas Distributor Conference Held

- 2016-04-24

Present were BAIC executives of BAIC Group, BAIC Motor and BAIC International.
Also present were Dato' Madani Sahari, Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysia Automotive Institute; Wu Peiguo, chairman of China Sinomach Heavy Industry Corporation (Sinomach Heavy Industry), representatives from financial institutions and representatives from logistics suppliers.

With focus on BAIC's globalization strategy, innovative development, new partnership and industrial hotspots, the conference showed BAIC's firm determination to work with its global partners to transform and leap into the "13th five-year" period under the principle of "mutually beneficial cooperation and sharing gains", as well as its confidence in innovative development and persistent globalization.

On behalf of BAIC Group, Dr. Wei Huacheng first extended a sincere welcome to all representatives for attendees.

Subsequently, Chairman Xu Heyi delivered a speech entitled Cooperate with Partners, Build Global BAIC. He noted that globalization, as one of the "four strategies" and "eight tasks" of the coming five years, is the only way for BAIC to build itself into a world class brand and a globalized automaker. During the "13th five-year" period, with the entire industry chain output as its orientation, BAIC will extend its industrial layout in key markets such as Southeast Asia, North Africa, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe. It will explore a new path of industrial "globalization" through the localization of R&D, production, sales, finance, talent, and brands, and work with foreign governments and global partners to create a new cooperation pattern of development, innovation, and interest convergence.

He stressed that during globalization, BAIC will respect different political systems, legal norms, and customers of target markets, map out the strategy of "going in" according to local conditions, build quality products and services with the craftsmanship of "toughness, persistence, concentration, and perfection" to create value for global consumers, and share benefit and grow with global partners with the concept of "mutually beneficial cooperation and sharing gains".

With focus on key overseas projects and the strategy of project implementation in 2016, Dr. Dong Hai yang released Stronger BAIC Team Through Innovation—The 2016 BAIC Work Plan. He noted that BAIC will focus on transformation and innovation in six fields to build a stronger BAIC team: "the business model, products, brand, channels, services, and value chain".

Led by four key projects in South Africa, Iran, Southeast Asia and Mexico, BAIC will construct overseas operation bases radiating into their neighboring markets to form a localized industrial operation group, changing its position from that of a "traveler" into that of a "settler"; speed up the construction of 19 KD projects in 12 countries with BAIC South Africa as a pilot market to accomplish industrial clustering; enhance product competitiveness through "differentiation, intelligentization, and refinement"; implement the strategy of making the brand high-end to rank among the world’s top 100; ensure distributors' profit with a focus on building "efficiency, effectiveness, and profitablity" distribution channels; cultivate the core competitiveness of after-sales services with the "Best Service in the Town" objective; and extend the value chain using auto finance and financial leasing as an entry point.

Subsequently, Mr. Gu Lei elaborated on BAIC's product plan. BAIC's rich products and competitive product features boosted overseas distributors' confidence in achieving mutually beneficial cooperation with BAIC.

In the second half of the conference, BAIC’s 2015 "Best After-sales Service Manager Award", "Best Brand Manager Award", "Best Distributor Manager Award", and "Best Partner Award" were presented in acknowledgement of overseas distributors' contributions over the past year.

Following the award ceremony, the distributor representatives from Egypt and Mexico shared their successful experience and practices in promoting the BAIC brand locally.

During the conference, BAIC signed cooperation agreements with the Malaysia Industry Authority, IDC (South Africa), Sinomach Heavy Industry and Kawanda Group (Syria), laying a solid foundation for the next step in intensified cooperation. The success of the conference will open a new course for the cooperation between BAIC and its overseas distributors. With an attitude of integrity, opening and cooperation, BAIC will continue to work with its overseas partners to build an internationally competitive auto brand, and provide quality products and services to the countries where it operates, so as to achieve mutual benefits .


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