Focusing on 2015 and Looking Forward to 2016—BAIC International End-of-year Summary for 2015

- 2016-02-16

As the international platform of BAIC, BAIC International Development Co., Ltd. (BAIC International) has grown steadily since its incorporation in 2013. In 2015, BAIC achieved great success in the global market through continuous brand promotion, service network construction and market expansion. Looking back at 2015, BAIC put its focus on three aspects: markets, products, and business, making steady growth.

Market Focus

In 2015, BAIC quickened its pace of market expansion for its target market and made remarkable achievements.

In South Africa, witnessed by Chinese and South African Leaders, BAIC Group and South Africa’s Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation for the BAIC South Africa Plant project. BAIC SA signed a formal agreement with the Financial Union of ABSA Bank, which laid a foundation for the automobile financing business, and completed the development of a business model design and economic analysis model for an automobile finance company. In addition, the 2015 China Automotive Industry South Africa Forum & Founding Ceremony of the Chinese Automotive Industry Federation of South Africa held in Johannesburg aimed to strengthen information exchange between Chinese automobile manufacturers in overseas regional markets and enhance the overall image and competitiveness of Chinese brands. In the Mexico, BAIC has cooperated with an automobile dealer group with a 50-year-long history to jointly develop the local market. This is a solid step for the entrance of the BAIC brand into the North American market.

In other major markets, through marketing campaigns, important automobile shows and media experience tour, continuous exposure has been provided for the BAIC brand. On April 17, 2015, for the purpose of business internationalization, the BAIC Internationalization Strategy Advisory Committee (BSAC), whose members include overseas partners of BAIC, was officially established in Beijing. On September 10, the BAIC brand made its debut at the 2015 China-Arab States Expo (CASE 2015), and made the most of its role as a platform, exploring "the Belt and Road Initiative", deepening international exchange and cooperation, and pushing ahead the overall transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.

During the year, BAIC’s main automobile models made their grand debut at Auto Shanghai and Auto Guangzhou and further enhanced BAIC’s market position and brand influence. In addition to this, serving as an excellent communication platform between BAIC’s brand and media worldwide, the “BAIC Experience Tour” has been successfully held for two years. Mainstream media outlets at a national level and industrial level from six countries were invited to attend. The experience tour introduced BAIC’s brand and products to people in various countries and introduced them to China’s solid strength in modernization. In 2015, BAIC invited media outlets from the Philippines, Egypt, Azerbaijan and Colombia to attend the tour.

Meanwhile, BAIC deepened construction of channels and networks, and improved the operation and service ability of channels through the integration of resources including storefronts, services, spare parts, and logistics. So far, BAIC has established 124 outlets in 37 countries and regions.

Product Focus

In 2015, facing differing demands from different countries, BAIC established special projects based on various automobile models and markets to help products pass various safety tests and conform to the standards of various countries. Meanwhile, the quality of BAIC’s major automobile models has been consistently acknowledged by authoritative institutions. According to the 2015 China Initial Quality StudySM issued by J.D. Power on October 30, 2015, the D50 is the quality champion in the midsize basic sedan market segment, and the D20 ranks second in the compact sedan market segment. The awards are an acknowledgement of its brand and products, and indicate consumer trust and support for the brand, providing impetus for the further refinement and improvement of BAIC’s product quality.

Business Focus

BAIC has established KD projects in over 10 major overseas markets, further consolidated its business foundation and improved local manufacturing capacity. It has also made early stage preparations and plans for continuous market development.

In addition, BAIC’s International Trade has been gradually transformed into a value-added service type trade model. In June, BAIC signed a facility agricultural project contract with a party from Iran; and in December, BAIC and AVM from Zimbabwe signed a KD Assembly Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. BAIC will carry out cooperation with partners in a more pragmatic and mutually beneficial way, and set up an image as a Chinese enterprise with a sense of responsibility while improving the livelihood and well-being of local people, speeding up the progress of production capacity collaboration projects, and providing a renewed impetus for fast and positive development of BAIC’s internationalization.

BAIC’s international platform has overcome great difficulties during its three years of development. It has preliminarily completed a sales network layout and achieved its development targets for the “12th Five-Year Plan”. In July 2015, BAIC Group entered the Fortune Global 500 for the third time in a row, and came in 207th place with an operating revenue of $50.566 billion, becoming one of the top 16 automobile manufacturers in the world.

In 2016, BAIC will continue to focus on and carry out localized operations in major markets, further expanding the market as necessary. While improving its own capabilities, BAIC will bring better products and services to consumers and provide them with the best way of traveling so as to achieve the harmonious development of people, automobiles and nature.


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