BAIC's prospective intelligent development strategy

- 2017-01-08

On January 6 Local Time, during CES 2017 in Las Vegas, BAIC and Baidu iV announced that the two sides would carry out strategic collaboration in intelligent vehicles in a joint bid to advance the intelligent upgrading of vehicles in the future.


The collaboration covers the in-depth collaboration in high-definition map and vehicle map applications; applications based on Baidu's intelligent vehicle solutions such as CarLife, MyCar and CoDrive; the in-depth collaboration based on L3 intelligent driving; the establishment of a united laboratory; brand and product marketing; cloud platform and big data technology, etc. The all-round collaboration between the two sides in vehicle intelligence will bring China's vehicle intelligence to the top of the world, and accomplish the full "intelligence" of China's traditional auto industry.

At CES 2017, BAIC not only forged a strategic partnership with Baidu, but also promoted its collaboration with other leading suppliers. BAIC is promoting the collaboration with Bosch in basic devices for autonomous driving and safety driving assist, such as millimeter-wave radar and laser radar, as well as other industrially leading technologies. Also, BAIC will work with Toshiba and LG to upgrade its new-generation intelligent cabin system with its large-size color-screen dashboard, HUD and intelligent rearview mirror.

BAIC Motor, in the course of transformation and upgrading, is changing into a "mobility solution provider". In the future, the auto industry will see the deep integration and collaborative innovation of traditional automakers and Internet enterprises, and the source of core value will transfer from hardware to services and software. In the future, the vehicle will no longer be a cold means of transport, but a customers’ serving carrier in depth. In this respect, BAIC and Baidu are expected to give us the best interpretation with their products in the near future.

As a Chinese leading autonomous driving solution provider, Baidu iV focuses on providing L3 autonomous driving software services, vehicle connection solutions and vehicle big data services to automakers, Tier1 vendors, chip vendors, service providers and other partners. More than 70 automakers, including Daimler and Audi China, have joined hands with Baidu L3, covering more than 150 models.


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