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Strengthening market supply, ensuring high-quality services

March 07, 2024

The BEIJING X55 production has been fully launched, with sufficient spare parts and guaranteed market demand

A brand-new BEIJING X55 going through its final checks

As a brand-new red BEIJING X55 vehicle drove off the final inspection line, BAIC SA's New Year production got into full swing.

The beautiful BAIC SA factory
Our warehouse carries a sufficient stock of spare parts.

In the production process of the BEIJING X55, BAIC SA pays special attention to preparing spare parts and continued inventory management. BAIC SA is well aware of the importance of after-sales service to consumers, so it ensures sufficient spare parts inventory and delivers a continuous supply of spare parts to dealers in a timely manner to respond to consumer repair and maintenance needs.

The BEIJING X55 won the South African Car of the Year (COTY) and Top Gear awards.

BAIC SA was established in 2016 as a joint venture between China's BAIC Group and South African Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). The factory is located in the Coega Development Zone in Gqeberha, East Cape Province, and the marketing centre is set up in Johannesburg. In June 2023, the construction of the BAIC SA factory was fully completed, and the three significant processes of welding, painting, and final assembly were fully integrated, genuinely possessing CKD production capacity.

Various stages of assembly

Starting from the first working day of the new year, BAIC SA fully launched the production of the BEIJING X55 model. Here, you can witness the assembly process of X55 on the production line with your own eyes. Every employee is diligent and responsible, carefully selecting and assembling every component to ensure every car meets BAIC's high-quality standards.

The BEIJING X55, launched as a family SUV, is mainly aimed at the South African market. This car won the honour of "Best South African Compact Family SUV of the Year" in 2023 and the "2023 Reader's Choice Award" from Top Gear. Furthermore, this vehicle was appointed the officially designated service vehicle for the 2023 BRICS Summit, along with another product from BAIC SA, the B40 PLUS, and is highly favoured by the market and customers.

Standing proud at the BRICS Summit with the BEIJING X55 and BAIC B40 PLUS vehicles.

In the future, BAIC SA will continue to pay attention to market demand and consumer feedback, continuously optimise production and after-sales service to meet the growing demand of the South African and African markets, and make positive contributions to the pursuit of a better life for the people.