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Smart Forfour Chassis

The D20, originating from BAIC’s small car platform, draws on Mercedes-Benz’s Smart Forfour chassis.

SAAB Technology

Based onA113/A115 chassis, Saab’s Nordic optimization technology is adopted to build an upgraded D20 steering platform.

Smart Headlights

The D20 is equipped with photosensitive headlights which are automatically turned on/off through sensor control. When the ambient light increases, the headlights automatically go off.

Multifunctional Instrument

The display screen is high-contrast and pure black color to help the driver feel more comfortable at night. The speedometer and tachometer adopt C-shaped decorative matte plated rings to enhance the overall texture and fashionable design. The digital fuel gauge and water themometer[] have segment-by-segment displays.

Family design of front face

The grille features an optimal wing-spreading design, a detail improving the quality of product; the brand new optimal front bumper improves the overall modeling; and the high-tech and fashionable fog lamps are novel in design and in concert with the wide lower grille.

Fashionable streamlined tail

The tail features brand new trapezidal rear bumper, uniquely shaped tail lamps to represents the brand culture of “BAIC”, and longitudinal reflectors in concert with the front face as a whole.

Minimalist interior

The digital combination instruments and re-optimized beige design highlight “devotion to performance” and design, and enhance the interior quality overall.

Smart Rearview Mirror

The rearview mirror is electrically adjustable, electrically folding and electrically heated, to effectively improve driving safety and convenience.The sunroof can be opened horizontally to whatever degree is required, and at multiple levels. It can also warp at multiple levels to form different ventilation modes and provide the vehicle occupants with a fresh and comfortable driving and sitting environment.

New powerful engine

The D20 is equipped with a new A151/A131 engine characterized bya variable-length intake manifold, lightweight and low-friction design and intake VVT control technology as well as strong explosive power and sufficient torque.Higher power and torque per liter enable free driving and acceleration.

high-fidelity loudspeakers

GPS Navigation System

Electronic Immobilizer

The D20 employs the advanced 64-bit engine immobilizer technology which integrates the key ID, PIN code, VIN code and SK code into the key chip; when the vehicle is started, the SK code is read in rolling mode and transmitted immediately to the engine control module to start the vehicle.

Safe Cage-Type Body

Building on Smart Forfour’s safety design for body, the entire passenger compartment is protected by high-strength steel, and the four doors have built-in crash bars, significantly enhancing the body’s collision rigidity.
The whole-piece stamped doors adopt whole piece stamping molding technology usually used for European cars to ensure greater precision and better overall performance.

Airbags + Side Air Curtains

Comprehensive safety configuration In addition to the dual front airbags, the D20 is also equipped with side airbags and side air curtains to provide a greater safety guarantee.

Child Seats-ISOFIX Device

The D20 is equipped with an ISOFIX interface up to European standards, which can firmly fix child seats on the rear seats. This can reduce accident impact on children and restrict their body movement, thus lessening potential harm to them.


The ABS improves the braking performance and prevents from wheel lock during braking.
The EBD system cooperates with the ABS to promote braking stability. It calculates rapidly the different friction forces of four wheels and then makes the brake device adjust quickly in motion according to the preset program.

Rear-view Camera System

The 6.5" LED display at the console of D20 can show the rear view while reversing, which enables D20 to enter the parking stall easily and safely even at crowded road sections.