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DR. Dong Haiyang

CEO of BAIC  International


in the past 100 years, the automobile epitomized the modern industrial civilization and pushed the great rejuvenation of the Great Nation and the rise of a powerful nation. World politics, economic patterns and human life also changed greatly. BAIC Group is one of the top four largest automotive groups in China with over 56-year history. With the headquarter located in Beijing and production bases all over the country, BAIC Group currently has around 110,000 (One hundred and ten thousand) staff.

After years of effort, BAIC group based on the strategy of ‘Choose corporation grouplization, Realize leap-type development, Build the Beijing automotive industry becomes high-end industry capital economy and the pillar of the modern manufacturing industry’, BAIC Group is in possession of several automobile enterprises including: BAIC INTL BAIC Motor, FOTON, BAW, BBAC and BHMC,

CHANGHE, and RD institute as well as spare parts industry. It is one of the automobile groups with the most complete auto product categories in China, which covers the full series passenger and commercial vehicles.In 2013, the Group’s production and sales volume ranked No. 4 in China,No.4 in income and profit in the industry. In 2015, the brand value became No.1, and BAIC Group became rank No.207 of Fortune 500.

Going forward, in order to make BAIC group become services-manufacturing and innovative enterprise, BAIC SA shall apply the ‘internet thinking’ to Automobiles Overseas Business Development and set up the marketing innovation system of combining online and offline services and the new brand marketing by new media tools, to become the leading automobile enterprise in the Republic of South Africa.

Li Xing Xing

Director of BAIC SA

SVP of BAIC International,


Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the continued support to BAIC SA, and to all my colleagues for your hard work and dedication. BAIC SA, located in Sandton, Johannesburg, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BAIC Intl. (Hong Kong). One of BAIC Intl.’s objectives in our strategic plan of developing the South Africa’s market, is to have BAIC SA playing an important role in ensuring the growth and the sustainability of the market. BAIC SA’s business is inclusive of but not limited to Automobile Finance; Auto Sales; The sale of Spare-parts; Project Investment; and Facility agriculture, etc.

In light of consumerism and prestige, our primary aim is to keep improving the quality of our services. In ensuring that the customer’s needs are met, we will keep innovation at the forefront of our products and services.

Although BAIC SA may be in the process of setting up its’ operation, it is a force to be reckoned with and as each day passes, business is thriving. ‘The future is bright, we are on the way’. In a matter of time, BAIC SA will become the most respectable, influential, professional, marketable and modern company in the country. We will provide competitive services and products, become the Center for Financial Innovation, Center for the Regional Market, and the Center for International Business Trade.